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Partners in Philanthropy

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Some people are born in the best places in the world with loving parents and everything going for them. Others are not so blessed and have many things going against them. I was taught that we must always be looking for opportunities to serve others, no matter which side of that coin we were on.

For years, I served in different charitable organizations and learned a great many things about other cultures, ways of life and how to solve problems. That is why we have started Glover Charities; to help the world where and how it is needed. Starting a nonprofit organization is not always easy or cheap. So we wanted to start on the right foot and with the right partnerships to ensure our success. We have partnered with Legacy Global to ensure that success.

Legacy Global has been around since 2001 and specializes in non-cash type donations. This means that those who want to donate business interest, real estate, equipment, furniture and more can do so to Glover Charities and know that they will get deductions for the full market value of their asset.

We have also aligned Glover Charities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These seventeen (17) goals have been identified and the goals that the United Nations is attempting to address by the year 2030. We are seeking to help address these goals where we can and partner with other organization to ensure we make the most impact where we can.

Our first initiative is to aid in mentoring kids aging out of the foster care system. Those who age out of the system are much more vulnerable to drugs, trafficking and government assistance in the long run. We are developing a self reliance program for these youth to reach as many young adults as we can so that they can over come life's many challenges with people who care about them in their corner.

We have many more initiatives in the works as well. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter and, if you feel inclined to do so, donate to our cause and join us in the fight to lift and give aid where needed. You can donate below:

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