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Mentoring Tomorrows Leaders

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

It seems a bit cliche to always talk about how children are our future. No matter how it sounds, you cannot deny how much truth is in that statement. Our children are our future and more and more of our children are falling by the wayside for so many reasons.

We can give and give to school programs all that we want but how long are we going to be doing that while still getting the same or worse results for our children. The public school system is not teaching kids the skills that they need to know. Many things that should be taught to the rising generation should actually be taught in the the home, however, the home is as nearly as dysfunctional as the public school system. People are living paycheck to paycheck, both parents work full time and more and more people spend most of their free time in front of an electronic device, scrolling through social media than they do reading something educational.

We see this need and have launched an initiative to help our rising generations get the training and skills they need to succeed. The first part of this initiative is called Kid Leadership, a podcast for parents and kids to watch and/or listen to in order to get them thinking and learning about some basic life skills. Things like "Getting Along With People You Disagree With" or "Building Relationships". These basic skills are what seem to be missing in so many of our kids and young adults.

The next part of this initiative is the Youth Self-Reliance Program. This program will teach youth basic life skills like taking care of oneself, how to prepare for job interviews, how to start and keep a budget and much more. This program focuses on youth ages 14-25 and can be taken in online course format or as in-person events.

We are excited for these initiatives and hope that you are too! If you would like to help us get these initiatives thriving, please consider donating to support the cause. You can do so below!

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